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I need a corded telephone headset to use at home and sometimes in the office.

When it comes to a corded telephone headset, we have a few different options and models to choose from.  A corded telephone headset will also require either an amplifier or bottom cable to connect to the actual telephone, the phone make and model will determine which amplifier or cable is needed.  All of the Plantronics regular corded telephone headsets are called the “H-series” and are considered to be commercial grade which can be used in the office, however they can also be used at home as well.  These commercial grade corded telephone headsets are just better quality than the inexpensive models that are typically found at some of the retail stores, and they will also usually have a longer manufacturer’s warranty.  The H-series corded telephone headset will have the Plantronics proprietary “Quick Disconnect” plug on the end of the cable, which is a flat rectangular connection that looks similar to a USB and will not directly plug into any device, that is why it is important to also get the proper compatible amplifier or cable for your particular application.

Although a  Plantronics corded telephone headset and amplifier are pretty universal and will work great with most single and multi-line corded telephones and systems, it’s still always a good idea to check compatibility.  To check the compatibility of your individual phone model, we have a link on our website called “Compatibility Guide Product Finder”, this is the Plantronics Compatibility Guide which will allow you to choose your phone make and model and it will determine if your phone requires an amplifier or a bottom cable to connect a corded telephone headset.  Another thing to consider is the environment that you will be working in, is it quiet or is there a lot of background noise going on around you?  The Plantronics corded telephone headsets have a couple of different versions, voice tube models for quiet areas and models with noise canceling microphones for noisy areas.  A noise canceling microphone on a corded telephone headset blocks out background noise going on around you so that your caller doesn’t hear everything so vividly.  Please keep in mind that they won’t block out everything, but they usually take care of most of the distractions, and some of the corded telephone headset microphones do block out more than others.  So please consider your corded telephone headset microphone type, and choose accordingly.

Now that you have determined what it takes to connect your corded telephone headset to your phone and you know what type of environment it will be used in, just choose one that looks comfortable for you.  We have various styles such as over the head, over the ear, and some models called “convertible” that give you both wearing styles.  Hopefully this helps to get you well on your way to finding a corded telephone headset for you to use in the office and at home.  No matter where your work takes you, we’ve got the perfect corded telephone headset just for you.

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