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64399-01 – A Battery for All Reasons

You get in your car on a cold snowy morning, turn the key to start the engine and…the battery is dead!  You’re at your daughter’s wedding reach for the camera to take those special pictures and…the battery is dead!  You grab your headset to answer the phone and close that big million dollar deal when…the battery is dead!  No doubt your response to all three scenarios is the same…why now!?! (Sorry, but we can’t print what you really want to say).

Yes, a healthy fully-charged and long-lasting battery is essential in so many situations.  At Plantronics that need has not fallen on deaf ears.  Ever since they entered the field of wireless communication, Plantronics has strived to provide a battery to meet the demands of the busy professional on the go.  Their first attempts were fairly large and cumbersome external batteries (oh, how they would always catch on things and fall off at that critical juncture in a conversation) but they were not deterred.  As technology advanced so did Plantronics’ efforts to come up with a compact unobtrusive battery that would provide the maximum talk time customers needed for their headsets.  What they came up with was the 64399-01 lithium-ion battery, a battery for all reasons when it comes to Plantronics wireless headsets.  Easy to disconnect and connect, the 64399-01 battery, along with the Plantronics’ low-battery early warning system, won’t leave you silent in the middle of that important call.

Call Headsets Direct today (800-914-7996) to order your spare 64399-01 battery and ask them about the latest in wireless technology.

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