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How to configure Yealink EHS36 with Plantronics Wireless Headsets

Setup/Installation of your Yealink EHS36 with Poly/Plantronics Wireless Headsets Learn how to configure your Yealink EHS36 with wireless headsets will only take a few minutes with our instructions listed below:   1) Connect the RJ12 Cord to the Yealink EHS36 Adapter. It plugs into the side of the EHS36 that only has one port.   … Continued

Why You Need A Lifter Or EHS Cable With Your Plantronics Wireless Headset.

Plantronics Handset Lifters & EHS Cables: Handset Lifter: Plantronics HL10 EHS Cable: All Cables Available Compatibility Assistance: Links to determine which lifter/EHS cable you need The biggest reason you need a handset lifter or EHS cable is you get a lot more value and production out of your wireless headset by adding one of these devices.  There are … Continued

Electronic Hook Switches

Electronic Hook Switch (EHS) adapters give you the ability to answer your phone remotely.  This adapter plugs into your phone and your wireless unit.  (It is very important to pick the EHS adapter that will work with the model of your wireless headset and the phone you are using).   The signal to open the … Continued

How Do I Determine Which Plantronics Headsets Will Work on My Phone?

We receive a lot of calls from customers with questions about which headset to purchase for their office phone, and they are often not sure what equipment they can use.  Two vital things that you need to know when choosing your headset and accessories are the phone’s manufacturer and model number.  Equipment will vary from … Continued

Plantronics EHS Cable Changes

  EHS Cable Changes The Electronic Hook switch (EHS) cables for the Savi® 700 (including Savi Office models) and CS500™ Series products are being refreshed.  The pricing and top level part numbers remain the same, though there is a change in the dash number and model number— see chart below. Since top level part numbers remain … Continued

UPDATED: Electronic Hookswitch (EHS) Cables for Savi Office

Electronic Hookswitch (EHS) cables for Siemens, Alcatel, Avaya, Cisco and Polycom are also available. Product Model Description SKU MSRP Available APS-10 Savi EHS SIEMENS/FUNKWERK 37818-01 $79.95 Now APA-20 Savi EHS ALCATEL 37819-01 $79.95 Now APT-30 Savi EHS AVAYA Tenovis 37820-01 $79.95 Now APC-40 Savi EHS CISCO 38350-01 $79.95 Now APP-50 Savi EHS POLYCOM 38439-01 $79.95 … Continued

Plantronics EHS (Electronic Hook Switch) Adapters

Used with Plantronics wireless headset systems for integrated remote one-touch answer and hang up, the Electronic Hookswitch (EHS) Adapters just simply plugs into the headset jack on the telephone and takes the place of an HL10 Handset Lifter.  So the Plantronics EHS Adapters can be used on certain phone models instead of an HL10.    Please be … Continued