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Plantronics EncorePro HW291N & HW301N Corded Headset Date Codes

The EncorePro HW291N/HW301N date codes will be located on the speaker, under the ear cushion.  If a binaural model, the code will be on the microphone side.  The first number represents the month (01=January, 02=February…).  The two numbers following the dash represent the year (05=2005).  Next is the model of the headset.  An “HW291” represents … Continued

Why There is Only One Style of the EncorePro Headset?

Anyone who’s ever worked with corded headsets knows that to get the best sound from your headset you need, among other things, the correct style of headset.  For the quiet-to-moderately-noisy environment, you use a headset with a voice tube (best for picking up your voice), while a very noisy environment requires a headset with a … Continued

Best Five Plantronics Headsets/Corded Headsets – December 2012

1) HW251 SupraPlus – The HW251 is made for that quiet office environment and gives you the best sound quality.         2) HW251N SupraPlus – Our best-selling headset, the HW251N is intended for call centers and smaller offices that have a loud noise level.       3) HW261N SupraPlus – The HW261N headset is intended for a … Continued

Plantronics Best Five Headsets/Corded Headsets November 2012

1) HW251 SupraPlus – When the world’s most popular headset was refreshed, nothing was sacrificed.  With all the great features you’ve com to expect from Plantronics’ flagship headset, after 50 years, the HW251 continues to set the standard in quality, sound, and styling.   2) HW251N SupraPlus – Our most popular Plantronics corded headset.  From the busy … Continued

Plantronics Top Five Corded Headsets of October 2012

1) HW251 SupraPlus – The SupraPlus headset has been a favorite among office and contact center professionals alike making the HW251 a very popular headset.  The HW251 comes with an extra voice tube and is a single-ear headset.     2) HW251N SupraPlus – Just when you thought you had a great headset with the HW251, now with the … Continued

Top Five Plantronics Headsets/Corded Headsets – June 2012

1) HW251 – This classic style single-ear headset continues to be one of the most durable and lightweight headsets for the contact center and/or office professional.  It also offers the highest level of performance for wideband VoIP communication, and the premium audio performance ensures crystal clear communication with your customer.     2) HW251N – You may ask, “what … Continued

How do I Connect My HW291N Headset to a Computer Inexpensively?

Question: I like the sound of my HW291N (Updated to HW710) headset but is there an inexpensive way to connect it to my computer?  Also, I want it to be able to connect to the USB port on my computer. Solution: You don’t have to look very far, my friend.  Plantronics has a very simple user-friendly … Continued

HW710 EncorePro Headset

HW710 EncorePro Headset When I use this headset I can relax, it is easy on the ear with the leatherette earpad.  This headset comes with a noise-cancelling microphone that has an adjustable and extendable boom for exact positioning.  The HW710 Headset lets you hear conversation around you so you know what is going on, but … Continued

I have hearing aids and I want to know what telephone headset is best for me?

Supraplus monaural, Encore monaural, and Supra monaural telephone headsets, the proper choice when hearing aid compatibility is required according to the Electronic Industries Association – (EIA) RS-504 Problem: I have hearing aids and I want to know what telephone headset is best for me? Answer: First, we will briefly discuss the three types of hearing … Continued